Friday, September 12, 2008

Whenever you need it..

Posted by dangkin at 8:38 PM
Thanks goodness, it’s Friday! It has been a gloomy week for us, which is really nice. It has finally started to cool down. I love this kind of weather. Raindrops fall every now and then but not that much. I think this is because of the consecutive hurricanes that are hitting the neighboring states. I feel bad for those who are affected, but what can I do? Its natures will.

I just hope though that those who are living in those areas have done something to keep some of their important things safe. Like, they should have known about portland crating services, the Industrial Craters & Packers who provides best service for everyone’s crating needs. They are actually very high-tech because they use CAD drawings to design the crates. Whenever your stuff needs to be protected from vibration, corrosion or moisture, they have the best solution for it. It’s easy to find them online, too… You can just type in shipping crates portland or crating portland and their website will pop-up as one of the top service providers.

And seems to me that we also might need their services soon!



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