Saturday, September 27, 2008

The view

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Taken during my first tramway ride at palm springs aerial tramway...
See how high we went... can't even see the parking lot!

I have fear of height so just imagine how scared I was while on that rotating tramcar :P

Saturday, September 20, 2008

This is the way

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How about this road going up there?
...and let the last man come down!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

What do you call this little creature??

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Looks a little creepy, isn't it? Hubby almost stepped on it the other night. It was crawling that was why he noticed it. And the curious george that he is, he hurried inside to get a ziploc so he can capture and disect it! No, he did not kill the poor creature, he only put it in a clear plastic so he can take a closer look at it :).
And this is how its belly looks like...
So, do you know its name?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

'still don't know why

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Have you ever noticed that time flies so fast when ‘ber’ months starts? I really have no idea why it is so but, that’s how I feel about it. October is almost within reach! Which means, November and December are coming soon… Yey! I’m so tickled-pink thinking that soon, I’ll have my feet on the Philippine soil again… Ahhhhhh… The thought gives me a reason to wake up early everyday. It’s been over three years since the last time I had pandesal! I wonder… does it still taste the same? Hmmm…

And speaking of going back to where I came from, I’m not only excited for the pandesal, of course, I’m very excited to see everybody again especially the whole family. I envision that my sister will be a lot better. She is going to have her 6th chemo session by the end of this month and I hope that it will be the last and all the bad cells will be gone forever.

Anyway, does anybody here is aware about this stem cell research innovation for women? I’m not really familiar about it but I got curious when people started talking about it. If you visit the C'elle website, it is written in there that they provide women with a safe and easy method of collecting and preserving stem cells found in women’s menstrual fluid each month, which can be a key to treating a number of possibly life-threatening diseases that she or anybody in the family may have in the future. Interesting, isn’t it? If you want to know more about it, try to visit C'elle Client Testimonial. See it for yourself.

My only question is: why is cancer not on their list? Anyboy has an idea???

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Whenever you need it..

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Thanks goodness, it’s Friday! It has been a gloomy week for us, which is really nice. It has finally started to cool down. I love this kind of weather. Raindrops fall every now and then but not that much. I think this is because of the consecutive hurricanes that are hitting the neighboring states. I feel bad for those who are affected, but what can I do? Its natures will.

I just hope though that those who are living in those areas have done something to keep some of their important things safe. Like, they should have known about portland crating services, the Industrial Craters & Packers who provides best service for everyone’s crating needs. They are actually very high-tech because they use CAD drawings to design the crates. Whenever your stuff needs to be protected from vibration, corrosion or moisture, they have the best solution for it. It’s easy to find them online, too… You can just type in shipping crates portland or crating portland and their website will pop-up as one of the top service providers.

And seems to me that we also might need their services soon!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Surgery, anyone?

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Since we got into this place, hubby’s schedule has been different and actually difficult. Especially after I started working, we barely spend a lot of time together. He has to work nights and I have to work days. It’s seldom that we have the same weekend off. I think it happens only every 8 weeks. Imagine that? The sad thing is, whenever his schedule is from 12 midnight to 8am, of course I wake up to see him go and after he’s gone, I can’t go back to sleep! It’s really hard. I’ll only feel sleepy around 6am which, by that time, I already need to get up, wake my bones and get ready for work, else, I’ll be late for the day.

Right now, everything feels normal but I can see what lack of sleep is doing to our eyes. And this weekend, since hubby had a long weekend too (which is just a coincidence), we were able to catch up on our sleep. We got up really late because we stayed a little longer and tell stories about this and that until he noticed how puffy my eyes are and I notice his, too! He was a little bit worried. He said that we might need a plastic surgery when we get a little older. To which I agree because I don’t want us to look like a pair of owl when we get old. I told him that if ever we’ll have a surgery, I’d prefer it to be done at Beverly Hills cosmetic surgery because I believe that’s where the best surgeons are. Or have it done by a California plastic surgeon because that’s where all the celebrities go… I think. I’d want it to be done right the first time rather than having it done twice or thrice or worst, having it done four times. Or probably he needs to find a day job? Or better yet, we might just need to go back to Alaska. Hmmm… What do you think?

Feels good!

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Well? It amazingly feels nice today. Not too hot. The sky is clear in our part of the world. The color is actually sky-blue. See that? Ahhhh... Seems to me that it's been so long since I've seen our sky like this one... The weather is probably giving us a break because it’s our Labor Day Holiday today? I hope it will stay this way for the rest of the week.

I feel bad though for those who are slamming by Gustav right now. And Hanna, she looks like another bad one. I hope that their damage will not be as bad as what Katrina did 3 years ago. I can only pray…


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