Saturday, September 19, 2009

UpsideDown: fun, fun, fun

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Yep.... You are seeing it right. That's how it should be when everything is clean. And it also means that it's ready for the next round of fun! :)

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


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This story scared the heck out of me! Very tragic. My prayers goes out to her family, friends and acquaintances... I hope they'll find the bad guy soon and may he rot in jail!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

How long has it been?

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nearly 2 months? Yeah. Almost 2 months since the last time I was here. A lot have happened and been done. makes me feel good! :)

So... we did a lot of bowling. Oh, probably not a lot like how pros do it. But you know what, I am getting better at it. For the first time in my life, I scored above 170! Yipeeeyayyyow! :)
But wait, I scored higher than that... I broke 200 in one of our sessions! Bravoooo to me! He.He.He.

As far as I can remember when I was in Manila, the highest score I had was 156. And here I am after 5 years, a 50 pts increase. Does that mean I might be able to perfect the game after 10 more years? Hmmm... But I have to hand it to this bottle for keeping my score high and beating my Better-Half :)

Yep. He actually kept me in the game eventhough I didn't care less if my trusty 12pounder get into the gutter or straight right to the pins. It just surprises me everytime pins go down without me trying so darn hard. So I guess that's how you do it.

We also did a lot of not-so-short-road-trips. That's why after 2 years my little car-car reached more than 26K miles now. (Will post more about this when our desktop comes back from the doctor-that's where I uploaded our pics)

Also, since we've been here, I have already attended 4 baby showers! And it's only been 2 years! I did the invitation of the last one and the cake looks just like it! Makes me think that this might be my fall-on-to-job--invitation maker! :) I wonder who's going to be next...

This is the cake...

This is the original invitation...

And last but not the least, I got new wires for the 2nd time around. This will be for another 24months...

I hope that after my Orthodoc take this off, I will listen to what he tells me --wear your retainer! :)

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