Monday, September 1, 2008

Surgery, anyone?

Posted by dangkin at 8:34 PM
Since we got into this place, hubby’s schedule has been different and actually difficult. Especially after I started working, we barely spend a lot of time together. He has to work nights and I have to work days. It’s seldom that we have the same weekend off. I think it happens only every 8 weeks. Imagine that? The sad thing is, whenever his schedule is from 12 midnight to 8am, of course I wake up to see him go and after he’s gone, I can’t go back to sleep! It’s really hard. I’ll only feel sleepy around 6am which, by that time, I already need to get up, wake my bones and get ready for work, else, I’ll be late for the day.

Right now, everything feels normal but I can see what lack of sleep is doing to our eyes. And this weekend, since hubby had a long weekend too (which is just a coincidence), we were able to catch up on our sleep. We got up really late because we stayed a little longer and tell stories about this and that until he noticed how puffy my eyes are and I notice his, too! He was a little bit worried. He said that we might need a plastic surgery when we get a little older. To which I agree because I don’t want us to look like a pair of owl when we get old. I told him that if ever we’ll have a surgery, I’d prefer it to be done at Beverly Hills cosmetic surgery because I believe that’s where the best surgeons are. Or have it done by a California plastic surgeon because that’s where all the celebrities go… I think. I’d want it to be done right the first time rather than having it done twice or thrice or worst, having it done four times. Or probably he needs to find a day job? Or better yet, we might just need to go back to Alaska. Hmmm… What do you think?



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