Tuesday, June 17, 2008

She found me

Posted by dangkin at 10:04 PM
Yay! I just received a message from my high school best friend! See what wawawa can do? He. He. He. I think the last time I received a message from her was when we were in 3rd year college when she sent me a birthday card. After that, seems to me that we were both so busy that we haven't sent each other a 'hi' 'hello' note! Isn't that crazy?

And then we graduated... 3 months after graduation, I started working and I think she does, too... 7 years after I graduated from college, I left my home country to find that 'greener pasture' without knowing where she is. I made friends here and there but she's different from others. Probaby because we were very close during that time and as they say, high school life is the most exciting part of your life, which I strongly believe and of course, it is because everybody is really different.

Hmmm... I just hope she's still the same girl I used to know co'z I still am, so we can have more giggling time again even in emails only!

I am very excited!!! :))



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